Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Do you remember the game lemmings? with the little tiny elf-like people walking walking and you have to build bridges and such to keep them from falling off cliffs, but no matter what they keep going. I visualize the inside of my brain like this. Its going going going and im working or figuring things out and getting things done without losing too many thoughts or forgetting to do stuff.
Let's see.. First of all, I have still been keeping up with my competition of losing weight with my friends. It's been a little slower going some weeks, but none of us have completely dropped out of it. I seem to do really well a few days of the week and only okay the rest; however the days im doing ok are still OK because I'm not doing as badly on one day as I was doing on a regular basis. Tonight is another weigh in, if i lose 2lbs I will have lost 20lbs total! Thats a big deal, the first 10 didn't seem very significant because I have fluctuated that much for a while now. Last night was the first time I really have felt smaller and bettter over all.
I have been very happy for a while now, its such a relief to feel my normal self. I have really battled with depression since my teens and I feel more like my happy self on a regular basis now. I love my husband, I love that I have to try to figure him out constantly. He can be so sneaky and loving and nerve pinching and deep and thoughtful all at the same time. He makes me feel very loved. I have made a new friend that I really like, and I also have been keeping in contact and spending time with friends more than I have previously. Mainly because I am in the mood to be social.
I feel interested again.
So if you need someone to talk to I am happy to hear about your day, or your epiphanies, or the core of what you are. I want to know. I'm also quite in the mood to talk if you want to ask me anything at all.

oh ya.. 18down 60 to go