Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How do I love thee..

I can't help it. More than anything else I love little tokens and expressions of love. In this particular case it has to do with a gift. But actions are just as strong if not stronger gifts of love.
    My husband doesn't like holidays, celebrations and birthdays; well its not that he doesn't like them, but I think he doesn't like the boundaries put on him. Such as.. you need to buy this person a present, be here on this day at this time and so forth. Once he gets there or if he buys the present he actually enjoys the celebration itself. Knowing that its easy for him to "pass over" buying a gift for me for a holiday, I told him that my first Mother's Day is important to me and flowers or a card or something would be really nice. Maybe its bad to mention it, but I would rather say something than have my feelings hurt.
     But..He doesn't like the flowers/card thing so instead he buys me a present. Something I've really been wanting and decided it cost too much- so he gets me an even more expensive set; not because its expensive, but because it fits me more than the others I was looking at.
I was thrilled, he gave it too me all shy like he does. First, he gave me paper card written in sharpie. And it meant more to me than any Hallmark. then pointed in the other room at my brand new colorful set of mixing bowls!

I told him that I didn't need anything for my birthday, no biggie this year the Mother's day present was plenty! Well this is the point I was getting to. He CANNOT buy a present and wait until the particular day to give it to me. As much as he tries, he can't do it and I just LOVE that about him.
So.. a couple days ago he gets all figitty and tells me he can't wait any longer. I'm like "what?!?". So he gives me my Birthday present, which I totally wasn't expecting, a cute little matching set of measuring cups! Heehehee I love them so much they are so cute and colorful. And I love his little impatient dance and that he gave them to me early!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Final Week of Wilton Cake Decorating Class 1

After lots of dropping roses and smashing things..including the side of my cake.. I finally finished my cake. Here is a picture of the classes' cakes. Nikki's is the white and pink and purple one, mine is the chocolate. It was a lot of fun I would like to take the next class, but I want to take a break for a bit first.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yogurt causes mixed emotions

We tried cereal before and its not her favorite lets just say that lol. So tonight I decided lets start eating solids once a day and I gave her plain yogurt. She actually liked it most the time, but it caused some interesting expressions.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cakes and Fitness

Whats on my mind??? Working out and sweets.. go figure eh?
First of all I am taking a cake decorating class with my sister-in-law. It's a lot of fun and just fuels my desire to own a bakery (dunno if I've mentioned that on here) and at the same time it makes me not want to right now. I don't really have the time to spend on it at the moment.  
I keep thinking about it at night when the day is over and I am laying in bed trying my hardest to go to sleep.  I think  I might like to have a specialty bakery for diabetics, people with food allergies, and the rest of us who would love to indulge in sweet wonderfulness but would rather not have the calories, hydrogenated everything, and bleached processed ingredients.  It just sounds like a wonderful idea.  But as ideas go, there are many steps before any sort of reality in this. I have NO recipies for such things LOL! Soo right now I'm going to keep the idea in my head and start figuring out how to make sweets and treats in a healthy way. One step at a time right?

So making massive amounts of icing and scooping up the crisco I can't help but think...wow I really want to treat my body better than this. Which is why the healthy bakery idea started..not to mention the many people I know who can't have the junk... But it also makes me think about my choices of food and exercise.  Right after Katey was born, when I didn't have to work..and before I was cleared to..., I went to the gym a few times and although I couldn't do much it felt great. Then Zack went back to work..and so did I and well things have gotten to the point that I haven't even taken a walk in a while. And well, I really really miss it.  But at the same time I struggle with finding the motivation to do it.  I really don't like leaving my SugarBunny and with work and occasional babysitters to have a date with my husband, and once a week for a couple hours for the cake class... I just feel to awful to leave her again to go to the gym. I feel like I don't have enough time with her as it is, and I'm not sure what to do about it.  
My priorities are imbalanced and I feel it.  So this is my first step.. putting it out there and hopefully I will work out a solution or God will find one for me.. no scratch that.. how about I will let myself trust that God has the perfect path and the strength to find and follow it.  

Quantum Faith