Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Years Resolutions

I have never been a big New Years resolution person; just a general I wanna lose weight this year kind of thing. But this year I decided to make two.
I want to weight 200lbs.
I CANNOT wrap my brain around losing 75lbs, I can't even visualize what I would look like at 165. I have never been close. When I say it, it feels like a lie.
So... instead I want a goal that I KNOW I can accomplish and I can see myself being. Its been probably 7 years since I was like 190. But I was there once. I know I felt decent and I could buy clothing without too much frustration.
I did lose all my pregnancy weight (WOO go ME!) and made it to 230lbs. Well over Christmas somehow I ended up at 239. I have an amazing husband who is willing to go along with me to lose weight. Together we did the Master Cleanse where you drink this lemonade concoction only and we did it for 7 days. AND I finished I didn't quit early even though I wanted to. I lost down to 224.
Today was the breaking the fast and we ate orange juice and soup and salad. I weighed on the Wii Fit tonight and weight 229. So that is my new starting point.
29 pounds
I can totally do this

Tomorrow TOGETHER we start the South Beach Diet phase 1. Which is basically lean meats, veggies(excluding potatoes and starchy stuff), lowfat dairy, eggs and good fats and oils like nuts and olive oil. After 2 weeks we will go to phase two and add back whole grains and fruits. But not unhealthy ones like White bread, cake, regular pasta (whole wheat instead). Basically the goal is to keep from eating foods that raise your blood sugar quickly. SUGAR has been a huge issue in my diet, so a low glycemic diet seems a great plan. Plus we did it for a few weeks last summer and I lost some of the baby weight that way.

All of this leads to New Years Resolution #2 and this is a new one for me. I want to run ONE Mile. Sounds easy and stupid, but I have never done it. I have run/walked a mile but I want to run the whole way. Its not easy for me and when spring hits I start training for it. I have a couple obstacles 1. Its HARD to run when your belly bangs around...working on that one. 2. I can't breathe when I run. In high school I had an inhaler for those walk/run miles because my throat closes up. I feel like some of this is training. I am bad about holding my breath and not breathing correctly- I can do it during yoga but whoa while running.. I may never be able to run a marathon with this "exercise induced asthma" but seriously I should be able to make it a mile.

Well thats it. Please ask me questions like how am I doing, how much have I lost, have I started running? Its easy to be laxed when I am not being held accountable.