Wednesday, September 24, 2008

23 weeks Pregnant

Today I am 23 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I found out about 3 weeks ago that we are having a girl! I am really excited and the reality of actually having a baby started settling in after we found out the gender and got to see her on the ultrasound. I can't help but to obsess over cute little dresses and sweaters. I am not popping out too terribly much, but they say you don't your first pregnancy because all your stomach muscles have never seperated before. Its hard to believe that we are only 17 weeks away from the due date! Here is a picture from a few days ago.

I am making a bit of a goofy face but meh oh well. My world is kinda revolving around being pregnant and getting things ready for the baby. Including trying to habitually clean our house so that it is the way we want it 90% of the time instead of, well lets be honest, 10% of the time. Its much easier to relax and enjoy being home when it is clean and comfortable, but it has taken me some time to find a system that doesn't make me feel overwhelmed. I've had a pretty good pregnancy so far, the morning sickness tapered off at about 14-15 weeks and I soon thereafter started enjoying eating again I have gained like 14lbs I think. I went to visit my dad and whole side of the family in California a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it! I have missed them a lot. well... im on the phone so i guess the blog is over for now...