Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My 1st Pregnancy

Birth Story

I wanted to have this in writing so I don't forget any details. Here is the birth story of my daughter. She was born at 36 weeks.

At 5am on the 24th I was kinda starting to wake up to take a pee break when I started to go, I tried to hold it and I couldn't and I immediately realized it was not urine. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I leaked a lot of fluid and continued to. I hollared at my husband and we just kinda stared at each other in shock. I called my mom and told her and she told me to go to the hospital, I told her I would call the dr. so I called and paged the emergency number. I didn't think I was having contractions but when I thought about it I was getting slight gas pains for 30 seconds 5 min apart. I decided I wanted to take a shower and shave my legs. And I couldn't find one damn list with instructions on what to pack. An on call Dr called back and said if my water broke I should go to the hospital immediately. I really wasn't sure if I should wait or not, because I didn't want to go too early. We stopped and DH ran in a place to get us some food. We didn't get to the hospital until 7 even though its 5 minutes away. We had the hardest time functioning I have never felt in such a stupor..

The L&D called my Dr and he wanted them to put me on pitocin because she was 4 weeks early and my water broke they didn't want her sitting in there if something was wrong. The contractions went from slight gas pains..to strong gas pains, to a muscle cramp/ period cramp pain that got stronger and stronger. ( I'm going to kinda sum up this part, but if anyone has specific questions i'm more than happy to ask. ) Zack and my mom were in the room with me, I needed them there to get me through it and I am comfortable enough to say what I am feeling to them without feeling bad about it. I didn't want anyone else to come up to the hospital until after the baby was born, because I needed that time to meet and bond with her. At 3cm I decided to get the Stadol, it didn't not make the pain any better but it made it hard for me to continued with the scattered all over the place thoughts and so I just had to close my eyes and focus on breathing, which was a huge help! It also helped me relax a lot apparently because I progressed within that hour from a 7. I did not want to get the epidural and i am really happy I didn't. I was able to change positions, and feel and get up easily afterwards. I delivered her at 12:48pm, when they let me push I pushed her completely out in one push. It was a weird feeling I could feel everything like her head and shoulders, and I could tell I tore(not too badly I'm told) but I didn't feel pain from it. The last hour was AWFUL, but I am lucky it was so short.

She was born 5lbs 15oz and 19 3/4 inches long. She came out SCREAMING and got an 8 and then 9 on her apgar. For being early she is perfect, because she is small we have to make sure she stays warm enough, but that is it! They kept us in the hospital for 48 hours just because she was early. I was glad to be there, it was really nice and the nurses were wonderful. (a few days later.. we are having to keep an eye on her Jaundice that has gotten pretty high, but it came down a little from yesterday)

So without further adeiu....

Katelyn Oriana

I love her more than anything :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

23 weeks Pregnant

Today I am 23 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I found out about 3 weeks ago that we are having a girl! I am really excited and the reality of actually having a baby started settling in after we found out the gender and got to see her on the ultrasound. I can't help but to obsess over cute little dresses and sweaters. I am not popping out too terribly much, but they say you don't your first pregnancy because all your stomach muscles have never seperated before. Its hard to believe that we are only 17 weeks away from the due date! Here is a picture from a few days ago.

I am making a bit of a goofy face but meh oh well. My world is kinda revolving around being pregnant and getting things ready for the baby. Including trying to habitually clean our house so that it is the way we want it 90% of the time instead of, well lets be honest, 10% of the time. Its much easier to relax and enjoy being home when it is clean and comfortable, but it has taken me some time to find a system that doesn't make me feel overwhelmed. I've had a pretty good pregnancy so far, the morning sickness tapered off at about 14-15 weeks and I soon thereafter started enjoying eating again I have gained like 14lbs I think. I went to visit my dad and whole side of the family in California a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it! I have missed them a lot. well... im on the phone so i guess the blog is over for now...

Monday, June 30, 2008

Hello my name is BreAnne and there is a baby in my belly...

It seem's like its about time I posted about whats going on in our lives... I am pregnant! I am almost 11 weeks along. The baby's due date is January 21st, 09. I am extremely excited about it, but you may not be able to tell looking at me. It is not easy to be jumping for joy when you are soooo very tired. I have had some morning sickness, been very tired, and for the first time in my life not wanted to eat anything. Hopefully, in a week or two I will start feeling better, I don't know if they sleepiness goes away, but I hope so because I don't really want to nap through the rest of the year! I have no clue when I will start showing, but I cannot wear my pants that button up without leaving them unbuttoned and unzipped when I sit down, which is probably a little awkward outside of my house.... I am the first kid on my side of the family to have a baby, and Zach is the last in his, funny huh?! I will have to post pictures as things get farther along; and to answer the most popular question of all so far- we are planning to find out the sex, but it wont happen until about the end of August.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Do you remember the game lemmings? with the little tiny elf-like people walking walking and you have to build bridges and such to keep them from falling off cliffs, but no matter what they keep going. I visualize the inside of my brain like this. Its going going going and im working or figuring things out and getting things done without losing too many thoughts or forgetting to do stuff.
Let's see.. First of all, I have still been keeping up with my competition of losing weight with my friends. It's been a little slower going some weeks, but none of us have completely dropped out of it. I seem to do really well a few days of the week and only okay the rest; however the days im doing ok are still OK because I'm not doing as badly on one day as I was doing on a regular basis. Tonight is another weigh in, if i lose 2lbs I will have lost 20lbs total! Thats a big deal, the first 10 didn't seem very significant because I have fluctuated that much for a while now. Last night was the first time I really have felt smaller and bettter over all.
I have been very happy for a while now, its such a relief to feel my normal self. I have really battled with depression since my teens and I feel more like my happy self on a regular basis now. I love my husband, I love that I have to try to figure him out constantly. He can be so sneaky and loving and nerve pinching and deep and thoughtful all at the same time. He makes me feel very loved. I have made a new friend that I really like, and I also have been keeping in contact and spending time with friends more than I have previously. Mainly because I am in the mood to be social.
I feel interested again.
So if you need someone to talk to I am happy to hear about your day, or your epiphanies, or the core of what you are. I want to know. I'm also quite in the mood to talk if you want to ask me anything at all.

oh ya.. 18down 60 to go

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Biggest Loser

I am in competition with my friends. We are doing our very own biggest loser competition. The competitive part makes it easier! who knew...
Every week we weigh in.. the person who loses the least amount of weight pays 5 bucks, the 2nd loser payss 2 dollars. the winner keeps her money. Its all going in a pot that the winner at the end gets, we are thinking after a year.
This is day one of week 3.
it sucks, im hungry all the time even when i shouldn't be. the working out part isn't too hard because my husband started going with me.
but im still motivated!
the first weigh in i won! with a loss of 8lbs! yesterday i lost while still losing 1lb. next week i want to have lose 5lbs, to get under a mark i haven't been under in a couple years.
I'm sure i will let you know how it goes... wish me luck..
in total i want to lose 78lbs... 69 to go

Thursday, January 3, 2008