Sunday, May 23, 2010

Let's Get Physical

Sometimes I am the most enlightened when its just me and my thoughts and the lawnmower...
I couldn't help thinking today how much I enjoy sweating and expending energy. Sometimes its like pulling teeth to get me off the couch, it's just so easy to be lazy. My brain WANTS me to be lazy. Some things I really look forward to, some things I procrastinate doing, some things I don't enjoy until after I am finished..BUT when I am finished and I am sweaty and my muscles ache and I am out of breathe I thrive!
I think that the more lazy I am the more I feel like I am just dying. If I put effort into life my body feels better, my mind clearer and my emotions more stable. So the question is Why does my brain fight it? I wanted to write down what I was thinking, so that when I am feeling lazy I remember that I like being active. Its kinda like being depressed, when you are depressed you feel like you have always felt that way and its not until you are pulled out of it that you realize that you use to feel normal and energized and happy.
I am going to try to do something active that makes me sweat every day. It's good for my body, my heart, my mind and my soul.