Friday, December 24, 2010

30 Facts About Me

Nikki did this and I thought I would follow suit... what you are supposed to do is tag 30 different people and then write 30 facts about yourself.

It doesn't matter what you put as long as they are all facts.

1. I use to secretly watch Power Rangers and Barney when I was in 5th and 6th grade.
2. When my water broke with Katie I reallly wanted to get a Jamba Juice before going to the hospital, and I am still kinda bitter they weren't open yet.
3. I dream in cartoons, less than I use to, but still do some.
4. I have buyers remorse before I buy almost everything, usually I'm fine after I buy it.
5. I am allergic to cough syrup; If I take it I end up coughing and coughing and coughing
6. I have a tendency to talk too much.
7. I use to want to make and sell milk that tasted like cereal.
8. It takes me a long time to get ready a lot of the time...not for any reason besides the fact that I zone out a lot.
9. I loved the velvetine rabbit when i was a kid, and even had a stuffed animal.
10. I have poor time management.
11. I feel half good at most things.
12. I have eczema on my head and it itches a lot
13. I like bobbing for apples
14. I do feel blessed to have such good friends and family.
15. Once I climbed on top of my high school and walked around a bunch of the buildings roofs.
16. I have dealt with depression to the point of needing medication 3 times in my life, glad its been a long time.
17. I am nervous and self conscious with large bursts of boldness.
18. I almost cannot resist the mention of cheese fries.
19. I really like fairies and mythical stuff, I find the unique beautiful.
20. I actually enjoy budgeting money, its just hard to stick to it perfectly.
21. I find coming up with 30 things to be extremely difficult.
22. I like to wear skirts, they are very comfortable.
23. When I stress my stomach hurts.
24. I taught myself how to draw eyes, by tracing mine in the mirror with lip liner.
25. I wish I could live in the water.
26. Worries a lot about being good enough.
27. I wanted rollerblades really bad, after I got them i left them outside. Either a mouse lived in one, or I found a massive spider web in one..I can't remember. But it grossed me out so much i decided I didnt wanna rollerblade again.
28. Loves quilts.
29. Missing my Grandma MeMaw, I have a lot of good memories of her.
30. My pinky fingers get cold easily.

Whoa that took a long time... I am tagging everyone who reads this!! I know who you are ... :)

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T * R * B said...

The cheese fries made me laugh. :)