Thursday, December 9, 2010


I've been thinking about blogging some stories and memories from my past. Not really sure what way this will go, but hey..might as well give it a try. I have so many bits and pieces and hate to lose them.
I remember learning to tie shoelaces. I remember trying and failing horribly. I am stubborn..very.very. stubborn, and I remember being angered by my short ballet shoelaces being untied and my total inability to fix them constantly coming undone. I sat at the end of the staircase..that was carpeted in pink carpet with blue carpet ribbons coming down the sides ( I loved that carpet); I repeatedly tried to make the bunny go through the loop. Then... finally.. I did it! Well, at least to my standards- the laces were wayyy short and only one loop stayed, but it was kinda tied which was WAY better than I had been previously be able to do. After getting those tiny laces correct, I was able to do tennis shoes easy peasy. It was a proud moment in my life, I think I was 3.

I don't know how old I was, but I remember sitting on the curb with a frisbee filling it with mud and poking at worms with a stick. Pretending to eat my mud pie and cutting it into pieces with the stick to serve to people. I remember that poofy pink dress I was wearing while doing this.

I remember thinking I hated shopping. But I absolutely loved and still love dress shopping. I use to go with my mom probably my whole life. We use to go to Foley's and pick out dresses- church dresses, fancy dresses, pants suits...lots of them. And just try them on and model them and pick out what we loved. It didn't matter if we'd never wear it, that i was 10 and never going to need a cocktail dress, it was fun, it was girl time, its kinda like being in a different world. Playing with all these things that aren't yours and then you hang them back up and go back on your way. And sometimes you even get to keep one. Once we went to a bridal and fancy dress store, I found this black and green and purple cocktail dress that was just soooo cute. They had the pretttiest wedding dresses and I remember KNOWING that was wear I would buy my wedding dress when I got married. I also knew I would use my mom's old dress which is what I actually did. I spent, no my mom spent, tooo much money on my prom dress. It was and still is beautiful, it cost like 300 dollars and I never have felt prettier. I didn't have a date and when I got my brothers best friend to go I still drove and paid for dinner and I never got to dance at my prom, but I'll never forget that I had the best dress ever.

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JRo said...

I remember that carpet, and you at that age. We had so much fun together. I can't believe you were that little and yet I played and played with you.

I also had one AMAZING prom dress. I still have it. It is just so pretty.

Hey, I wore my grandma's wedding dress. Pretty freaking awesome to wear something 'old' like that.